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Founder Noa Lavi organizes successful SHARING conference!

Founder Noa Lavi and archeologist David Friesem organized a successful conference on SHARING the Archaeology and Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers.

The conference took place on September 20th-21st at the University of Cambridge. A list of speakers can be found here. 

Conference Abstract: The aim of the conference is bringing together archaeologists and anthropologists to engage in a discussion concerning the study of hunter-gatherers societies in the past and in the present. In particular, we wish to re-open and re-examine the well-known concept of ‘sharing’ as a practice, notion and experience which hold meanings far beyond the mere distribution of meat or material goods. Being first and foremost a practice, sharing can be more easily observed and studied. Its significant value to us as researchers lies in its ability to open a window to more intangible aspects of life such as sociality, values, relationships and social, self and environmental perceptions. People share food and objects as well as time, knowledge, beliefs, rituals, work, help, spaces, actions, their selves and more. The idea of sharing (coupled with the notion of non-sharing) is ever present in the everyday of the people we call hunter-gatherers. It shapes relations and decisions, dwelling environments, patterns of use of space and material cultures.


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