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[In The News] Conservation Organizations Abuse BaYaka Forest Foragers

Loss of land is one of the biggest contributors to loss of Indigenous Knowledge, and thus, the ability to transmit Indigenous Knowledge to children. In the Congo Basin, where I work, conservation organizations like the WWF and WCS are some of the greatest perpetrators of human rights violations towards the BaYaka.

A new report from Survival International, a leading world organization which fights for the rights of Indigenous Peoples, states:

But big conservation organizations like WWF are partnering with industry and tourism and destroying the environment’s best allies. Now tribal people are accused of “poaching” because they hunt to feed their families. And they face arrest and beatings, torture and death, while big game trophy hunters are encouraged.

Please, consider writing to WWF, asking them to work in partnership with Indigenous Peoples, not against them. If parents are to continue teaching their children the subsistence and cultural skills necessary to cultural survival, they need access to their land.


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